Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Worthwhile Distraction- Picaboo

Oh My Gosh. I haven't been this excited since Christmas morning 1992! (I have a picture to prove that!) I got my free book from Picaboo in the mail today. Pretty freakin awesome since I actually placed my order Saturday at 10:15 pm.
I am seriously in love with this! I want to make about 50 books right now! Just to prove how awesome they are, BEN wants to make 50 books right now! We were going to give the book to Brook for her 3rd birthday in September... and we can't wait! We're giving it to her for Easter instead! Just because we want to read it!
So here are a few pics:

And this isn't some dinky size- it's 8.5x11.....gorgeous!

This is just a sample of the book... I am in love! The picture print quality is amazing. The paper quality is amazing. The binding quality is amazing. I am just COMPLETELY satisfied with this purchase. Worth all 899 cents it cost me to ship it!


You only have until the end of this month I believe- it is WORTH IT!


Jo said...

Deen I love it!! So awesome, I can't wait to do this. THANK YOU!!!

John and Dana Lyn said...

Dena! That book is adorable. I totally want to make an alphabet book for Shaelyn now. Thanks for the link!