Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

So I wish I had thought to take my camera yesterday, but I didn't. Oh well, it was raining off and on all day and I probably wouldn't have gotten it out anyway. We went for a Smith Family Bike Ride & Picnic at Ann Morrison Park. This is the second year in a row we've gone and I think it'll be tradition from here on out- it was so fun! We went for a 7.67 mile bike ride on the green belt, going over bridges, stopping at parks and lakes. It was seriously a blast! Props go out to Rach for making the whole trip at 9 months pregnant and Camry, Berkli, and Little Stan for making the whole trip on their own bikes! Well, Berkli did, until John ran her over with his motorized bicycle.... seriously- she had tire tracks on her back! She was very fortunate though- no scrapes or anything!

After the bike ride and picnic, we came home, cleaned up, and got ready for a BBQ at our house with some of the fam. It was good times. We had ribs, steak, hamburgers, and hot dogs- that's probably the largest variety of meat we've cooked at one time ever!! We also deep fat fried some french fries.... oh sweet deliciousness! Anyway, it was a wonderful holiday. Thanks to all for being with us! Ben and I agree it was one of the most enjoyable days we've had in a long time!

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rachael said...

For the record- I hadn't gained ANY weight in 8 weeks (don't hate) however, thanks to your BBQ I gained 4 pounds at my last checkup in 1 week! Pretty sure it was all the yummy food sitting in my tummy from the night before :)