Tuesday, August 31, 2010

J Crew Knock Off- Complete... or is it?

Okay, so here's the original:
And here's the knock off:
(Excuse the poor picture quality- it's late and I don't want to wait until tomorrow!)
I made it skinnier because I don't like really thick bracelets.

It doesn't have any czs on it because I didn't have any and I only used what I had on hand (except I had to go refill my antique brass headpins halfway through- unbeLIEVEable amount of pearls on this thing!)

So my question for you is: should I spend a couple bucks on some rhinestones to throw on this baby or is she done?


Jo said...

Dena it's awesome!!! It's so fun to see a project again! I like it....you could go either way. I think it's great like that, but I think the rhinestones would bring it up to the next level, you know? But I love it! And I SO want you to show me how to do it next time we're together!

The-Allen-Family said...

I LOVE IT! I want to make that. I have a craft room, and closet now I totally need you to come and stay with me for a while and lets do crafts TOGETHER!! LOL! If only! You know me, I say go for the bling! Add the rhinestones! However, I do think it is SO pretty and way fun the way it is too.
Miss you

Sare said...

I like it the way it is. Things that sparkle make me happy, and it's so SPARKLY!!! OH MY SAKE!!! THE SPARKLY - PLEASE tell me you remember that?!?!?!!!!!!