Friday, March 11, 2011

Sewin' and Sellin'

We'll start with the Sewing: Pardon the immodesty, I haven't finished the girls' cardigans yet, but here are their dresses for Sam & Jenna's wedding in April. I still have to make her niece's dress, my mother in law's dress, and all three cardigans, but I'm loving it! So much fun and I'm really happy with how it's all turning out!
This was my first experience with creating my own pattern from a picture and I'm really happy that it turned out!
Also, I'm making the bridesmaids' necklaces for the wedding. The top one is the one we're going with. They've been really fun to make as well. I got the idea from Little Miss Momma. It's super easy and really fun! I recommend it!

Okay, so on to the Selling part....
We've officially got our house on the market! So check out our house blog and let anyone you know looking for a great house in the Boise area to look us up!


Jo said...

NICE pictures and blog for the house! It's staged awesome and Jon did a great job with the pictures, they're awesome!! Love it and will for sure send it onward!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

the dresses and necklaces are adorable! I am so impressed with the sheer amount of work you are doing for the wedding with all of the dresses it sounds like you are making. Superwoman!

You had dropped by my blog asking about the sizing on the weave belts - your e-mail is turned off so I couldn't respond directly.

The weave belt tutorial is made for a child - depending on how tight you make the braid (and I suggest making it tight), it is approx. 24" long. You shouldn't need that much more to make it for an adult (of course depending on your waist size!)

I hope this helps!

Thanks for stopping by my site and good luck on all those wedding dresses!