Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun With Premo

So I saw this GORGEOUS necklace on Ucreate as a giveaway. Well, I never win anything, so I didn't even bother entering. When I showed the picture to my sis-in-law, Whitney, we decided we MUST figure out how to recreate it.
We went to Quality Art, where we were discoursed on the benefits of drinking Olive Oil while hiking as we picked out the color we wanted. Unfortunately, after arguing with the clerk over the fact that pizza and doughnuts are in fact more tasty than hummus, we didn't have time for Whit to finish a rose before she had to head home. I did, however, finish my rose, and a necklace to put it on too. I'm SUPER excited with how it turned out!
(The bottom chain does hang straight down- I didn't notice it was all tweaked when I was taking the picture)
Here's a close up of the rose- you can see my fingerprints, so I'm still trying to figure out how to avoid that. I tried wearing latex gloves, but apparently the brand I have on hand (no pun intended) has fingerprints ETCHED into the tips.... yes.... Really people? Why?!?! But it's not noticeable to those who will be admiring it from an appropriate "personal space" distance.
PS- This is the top of the lace shirt I made- I think it looks PERFECT with the necklace! Score!


Jo said...

Dena. You amaze me. And August can't come soon enough!! It looks amazing, I can't believe you made that flower!! It's pretty much awesome, just like you :)

Jo said...

So I showed Cameron. His words? "Wow. That's pretty impressive." :0 YEAH it is