Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Ski of the Season

Or should I say first?...

Okay, so it was Brook's second, Ben's umpteenth, and Stacy, Ellie, and my first. Of course I forgot to get a picture with Stacy- boo. I do have video though- it was her very VERY first time skiing- she did fantastic! I decided this year that next year I will get a season pass and go up at least 3 times a month so that I can master skiing once and for all. The bunny hill is getting pretty old after 4 seasons of skiing it... yes I am that pathetic.

Brook got the ski setup from Grandpa & Grandma Douglass for Christmas Learnin the ropes (Wait look! There's Stacy in the background!!! Purple coat, green pants. Way to go Stace!! You're a champion!!!!!) My cute little butterball- isn't she seriously adorable? She got to ride the chair lift up the bunny hill twice and ski down in arms- once with Grandma and once with Grandpa. She smiled and giggled the whole time and kept reaching for the hill. She is going to be a natural! Next year Ellie!


Jen said...

let's get ski passes in denver!! . . .if we end up there. which i hope we do :)

Anonymous said...

i love that kid....well ok both of them sure miss hanging with ya