Friday, May 13, 2011

On a Roll... or Outta Control

This happens to me a lot- I get working on something, and then I can't stop myself and I go crazy. Anyway, I had this button up shirt from my mom. Pretty plain, but the material is this tapestry looking stuff- I LOVED it
I tried to get a close up so you could see the design.
Anyway, I took some inspiration from this lady, but my final turned out nothing like hers, much to my dismay:
I wanted to leave sleeves on it so I could wear it without a cardigan, but it seems... matronly or something. The sleeves just aren't good... do you think there is some way I could make them cute? Or is it just a lost cause?
(And I just re-looked at these pictures and I look TERRIBLE, don't judge me)
I do like it with the cardigan though- not sure about the skinny jeans, I'm still trying to decide if I can rock them or not.
So that one was a little disappointing, but this next one MORE than makes up for it! I LOVE how it turned out.
So this is what I started out with...
And here it is completed:
I seriously love it- favorite transformation yet!!!
Brook is getting better at photos, is she not? :)


Jo said...

She is getting WAY better! BTW, you can totally rock the skinny jeans! Love 'em! Love the cardigan(s). Not sure about the sleeves, I get what you're saying. I do love it with the cardigan...I'm feeling like maybe it needs a tiny bit more length to the sleeve? Maybe adding a small ruffle at the bottom of the sleeve? That may be too much ruffle. Not sure.....but you still rock!

Anonymous said...

Holey cow! She took those! Awesome - Sienna loves taking pictures too but it is NOT pretty! I think if you could gather or put darts in the sleeves it might look better on that top shirt - you're so amazing!