Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

It was so wonderful to spend the day with family! I love our families and I'm so happy to be blessed with such a heritage on all sides!

We enjoyed our Christmas so much, kicking it off by getting a new family member!!! Harry proposed to Sarah, so come April 27, 2012 we will have another sister!!!! Hooray! We are beyond excited to have Sarah in the family (well, officially- she's been part of it for WAY longer!)

Christmas day was wonderful on Sunday- it was so nice to attend sacrament meeting and be able to sing Christmas hymns and worship our Savior. We were also spoiled rotten, which was fun :) 

The best part of Christmas this year was we started a new tradition. First thing in the morning, we spent a few minutes talking about the best gift we were ever given, our Savior Jesus Christ. We talked about why we give gifts on Christmas and we each wrote down a gift to give our Savior. Brook was very attentive and I was really proud of her to be able to focus on the real reason for Christmas when all manner of surprises and gifts awaited her downstairs. It was a special moment for our family and I look forward to doing it every year from now on.

I hope all your Christmases were wonderful as well :)
Love to all!

P.S. Didn't bring the right camera equipment, so I will have to add photos later!