Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Well, we are back in CO after a WONDERFUL month long vacation visiting the fams in Idaho. We were busy busy busy while there and had endless hours of fun and lots of great memories to cheer us up when we start missing everyone! Here are about a thousand pictures from the holiday :)

Sarah, Brook, Uncle Harry, and Ellie building gingerbread houses
 It was quite the masterpiece- Uncle Harry only had to hold the roof in place for about 30 minutes :)
 Brook's war wounds:
"I was taking Ginger (Grandpa's dog) for a walk (insert audible gasp by listening audience and threats on the poor dog's life) and I was walking on the sidewalk and suddenly my hands were in my pockets and I walked off the sidewalk and then back on and I fell and I landed flat on my nose and I couldn't catch myself."
You'll see how bad it really was in the pics to come!
 Preppin bikes for a Christmas ride! Thanks for the no snow, Mother Nature! I think he'd rather be skiing....
 Grandpa and Ellie- peas in a pod!
 Ellie's gingerbread man friend
 We had a little Christmas at Papa & Gramma Perry's house- it was so much fun!

 Annual Christmas Eve party at the Douglass House
My fam came as a)their numbers were few and b)the food is amazing!
 Ellie & Papa
 Papa & Uncle Bill- brothers :)
 Uncle Harry, Dad, & Uncle Sam- brothers :)
 Neenaw & Aunt Becky
Our good friend Chuck was teaching Brook all kinds of spin-dip moves
 Grandma Harward- we put her to work on clean up duty :)
 A NEW sister!!!! That's right! Harry and Sarah are engaged as of Christmas Eve!!!
The big day is April 27th and we can't wait!
 Christmas Eve Pajamas- SO DARN CUTE! 
Thanks Grandma!
 Listening attentively to "The Night Before Christmas" after we read the real Christmas story
 We had tried to put Ellie to bed in her pack n play, and she just kept crying and crying (much to our dismay because Santa was trying to show up but couldn't until all the kiddos were sleeping!) and Aunt Emma finally figured out Ellie just needed to be by her sister- set her down next to Brook, she snuggled up and passed out!
Christmas Morning- Santa's Helpers!
 Ellie got new boots and a beautiful handbag complete with furry gloves!
 The most amazing present ever :) Just sayin
 Brook wrote and illustrated this book for Grandma & Grandpa all by herself. She even typed the words out! Pics and story line to come in a follow up post!
 New sleeping bag! Awesome!!!
 Annual picture in front of the Christmas tree in the Christmas dress
 Brook was too tired to smile- and get her own pic taken
 Reading with Grandma
 This is one of my Christmas projects- I crocheted this doily rug for Jenna
 The typical trophy wife pose....
 Santa brought us a Kinect for Christmas..... it is SO fun!

 Me and Dad :)
 This is another of my projects- a giant scrabble board for Mom and Dad
 Totally passed out!
 Ellie & Grammy enjoying the Kinect!
 Chop that fruit Harry!
 Beautiful new dress-ups from Grandma
 I painted this doll bed for Ellie that I built with my grandpa, Papa Perry, when I was about 10. It's been at my mom's forever, and Ellie is such a baby lover, I just knew I had to pass it on to her.
We were so spoiled and blessed this Christmas. We got to be with family and dear friends, we received many thoughtful, wonderful gifts, we enjoyed safety in MANY HOURS of travel in the car, and so much more. We are so grateful to the Lord for the blessings we've been given!


Nancy said...

I'm so glad that I randomly got to see you on Christmas. And I love Brook's book!

Jenna said...

I need to steal some pictures from you . . .