Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Blessing

The other night, I started importing Ben's old mission pictures off his camera CD's so we can finally throw the huge stack in the trash. I was once again bemoaning the fact that our honeymoon CD had been destroyed before we could capture the pictures to the computer and I put in a blank CD and started to import it.... and it was our honeymoon pictures!!! For the last 5 years I have been carrying around this scratched CD hoping beyond hope someday we would be able to get our pictures off it and it was the wrong one!!! So I finally have my honeymoon pictures!!!! It was just a cool blessing- the Lord sure loves us. So without further ado and 6 1/2 years late, here are a few highlights of our honeymoon to San Francisco:

Few of SLC from our AMAZING suite at the Grand America
 Seriously Dad & Mom Douglass- Thank you SO much!!!

 The Oakland Temple
 Our amazing gold PT cruiser... Ben was LOVING it.... 
(not even a little bit)
 Some skyline
 Wishing WE were on that motorcycle after sitting in traffic to cross the Bay Bridge for over 2 hours....
 We paid SEVEN WHOLE DOLLARS to get on a California beach.
And when we got over the dunes, what we found will be with us till we die.
Garbage... and this:

The vineyard we drove past everyday on our way to San Fran from our AMAZING condo out in Windsor
Seriously Dad & Mom Smith- Thank you SO much!! 
 Ben making me a DELICIOUS dinner :)

 The Golden Gate Bridge
 Chinatown- which we were too busy seeing other places to go to
 "Bucketman" playing the drums on old plastic containers. Our favorite song was "All My Friends are Low Riders" Read his sign if you can :)
 On the Trolley
 Steepest Road I've EVER seen- except maybe in Astoria, OR
 Our very first apartment- with all our gifts in the dining room


Jenna said...

this is awesome

Jo said...

Love it!!! So glad you have them!!

Merkley Jiating said...

You look so young! That is awesome that you were able to get them back!