Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dr. Mom- My 1st Attempt

Since the girls were born, I've taken care of them while sick and otherwise afflicted. We've seen very little injury around these parts, having girls, and mild ones at that. Well, today we had our first injury requiring more than a band-aid. I was nervous, because I'm the least medically inclined person I know. But it went well! Ellie was really brave :) She only cried for about 30 seconds when it happened (the injury- which I will probably never know, because I was working in the office and then heard crying and no one seemed to know what happened) and then held really still, with a little concern on her face. Brook couldn't even watch. She kept asking if I was going to "sew her" and then she'd hide her head in horror.

The injury:
(don't laugh at me all you real moms who have taken on way more than this!)
 The remedy:
I just really hope she doesn't have a huge scar because it will be all my fault! Maybe I should take a community ed class on first aid..... but if 8 years of girl's camp didn't help.... 
I'm probably a lost cause.

Looks pretty good I think!


Tiffani said...

good job dr. mom!

Jenna said...

what did she do!

Jo said...

It'll be great! And I have this really great cream that will make sure she has no after it starts healing up, remind me to bring it to you. :) As Cameron keeps reminding me with Kennedi....guys dig scars anyway!