Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Vacation!!

Segment One:
We headed from Denver to Rexburg for Aunt Becky's graduation and little Lincoln's baby blessing. Aunt Jenna rode with us to Ogden which was so much fun! 

Once we got to Rexburg, we partied with Aunt Heather and William and Gabe for a few hours. It sure was fun to be with cousins again!! 

We got to have dinner with even more cousins, then off to graduation!! We are so proud of Aunt Becky!! 

That night we camped with Papa & Grammy and the Perry/Dodge crew. Always a blast!!

The next day we had a fun picnic lunch with family and friends. 

Sunday was cutie Linc's blessing and fun at the Hurds. Then off to Ogden for Segment Two!!
(Missin me some Gabey hugs!!!)

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