Sunday, November 25, 2012

Douglass Visit

The whole Douglass clan got to come out for Thanksgiving in Colorado this year, like last year. Harry and Sarah unfortunately didn't get here until Wednesday, but Dad, Mom, & Emma came the Saturday before!

First things first, we had to get started off on the right foot.
Grandma read the girls a few stories :)
Saturday evening, we headed DT for dinner at Rock Bottom and to catch the latest Warren Miller film. We were supposed to win free boots from this... we never win.
Sunday we had street tacos at Sam & Jenna's (SO GOOD!) and then played a few riveting games of Idiot... it was a LOT of fun, if you couldn't tell. Jenna was the only one who escaped NOT being the idiot... I was the idiot four times... out of seven games... not my finest hour.
Monday we spent the morning lounging... on Grandpa apparently.
We call it "the Grandpa Lounger, by Lazy Boy"
Then we headed to Fun City for a little bowling!

Dena, Emma, Jenna, & Mom
Ellie, Brook, Grandpa... yes, Brook beat all of us.
Grandma smoked us all on the second game- 160!!
The girls' celebration high fives after every roll :)
We love to bowl!
Brook got a few strikes- she knows she's awesome.
On Tuesday, we went and got ski passes for everybody.
Then we went mini golfing! Brook of course got her customary hole in one. She's a prodigy! Emma & Grandma also got holes in one.
Wednesday, most everyone went skiing and the girls and I stayed home and prepped our part of the meal for Thanksgiving. They helped with the rolls and did a great job!
Friday, the girls and I decorated for Christmas while the rest of the group went skiing. That night we watched Polar Express. Brook was exhausted from such a fun week, she passed out in the middle. She is obsessed with Sarah!
Saturday, we hiked & biked up at Alderfer, a beautiful area with tons of trails.
Saturday afternoon, everyone but Sarah had to head out. We were so sad to see them go- we had so much fun and are missing everyone terribly!
Jenna, Sarah, and I got to have a little girls' night on Saturday before Sarah had to leave Sunday morning- we had a lot of fun visiting and playing Bananagrams. Sisters are so fun!

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