Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Baby's Three

The night before her birthday, we took her to Baskin Robbins for her free birthday scoop
First thing in the morning, she got a nice shower, then came down to the Beatles singing "They Say It's Your Birthday!" and had a mini dance party. Then time for presents!

After presents came the birthday pancakes! Dad gets so creative!
Here's just a few gifts she got:

Stickers from Grammy (the real gift is waiting for us to come to Boise):

After the expo, she chose cheese ravioli for her special birthday lunch- we tried Maggiano's DT Denver on the 16th Street Mall. It was fantastic!
After a little nap at home to rest up from all the fun, we hit up Chuck E Cheese for our 20 free birthday tokens! Lovin the roller coaster simulation!
Even Dad enjoyed it!

Then home to color on the new giant coloring book from Grandma & Grandpa
I made Ellie an alphabet book of her- she loves it!
She is such a sweet girl and though she keeps us busy, we love having her as part of our family! Her little personality is fun loving and full of curiosity. She is generous with everyone and quick to play with anyone who wants to play. She is kind and snuggly and a sweetheart. We Love You Ellie!

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Heather Talbot said...

We're looking at doing the chuck e cheese thing around Christmas from gabe's coupons. I love those books you made. I went board book style this year. I think I may do one of those books you do for their 5th birthday.