Saturday, September 28, 2013


We took a trip to Utah this weekend to visit our dear friends, the Hrebiceks, who are adopting their sweet baby Nate! We hadn't met him yet and they hadn't met Jack, so we thought it the perfect time to get together. Little did we know, Dad decided last minute to hop in the Prizm and drive up and surprise us! It was the best surprise I've ever had! I literally hugged him for two minutes and wouldn't let go! This was going to be the BEST WEEKEND EVER!!
We met up with Sarah and her fam at Applebee's at the Gateway Mall in SLC. We used to go there often to shop when we were in college, so it was really fun to go back with our families and reminisce a little. Jack was instantly in love with Sarah. Who wouldn't be??!?!
And then he crashed. Such a funny boy!

Nate & Jack love each other
We were lucky enough to have sun and a little bit of warmth, so the kiddos played a little in the fountains!
Freezing in their wet clothes, but oh so happy :)
I love our family!
Miss this girl so much! I wish we could live closer!

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