Friday, September 27, 2013

No More Thumb Suckers

My little Ellie girl decided she was ready to give up the thumb. We put on matching bandaids to help her remember that she didn't want to suck her thumb anymore.
Then we headed to Fred Meyer to pick out her prize for reaching her goal. She found the most amazing Hello Kitty purse and necklace she had ever seen and had to have them! So we picked out some stickers and a softie to hold on to when she was feeling like she needed her thumb, came home, made a chart, and she got right to work!
With only two little incidents, she completely gave up the thumb with no "encouragement" (nagging) from mommy- what a big girl!
She earned her booty in just 8 short days because she did so good! She carries her little Hello Kitty purse with her all around the house and everywhere we go- I'm so proud of my sweet girl!
It's amazing to see the confidence this has given her- she had a hard task to face and she did it!

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