Saturday, August 8, 2009

Curse, yet Bless the Stupidity of Others

So... I had the worst experience of my life last night. Well okay, not the worst, but probably the most completely annoying without any reason for it! Our stupid neighbors decided it would be the funnest thing ever to set off illegal fireworks at 2am for an hour. Or really, they probably would have kept going if we hadn't called the cops on them. I'm not kidding, I'm lying in bed, totally passed out, which is a miracle for a pregnant woman, as many of you know, and then BoOM, it sounds like someone has just shot the neighbor three times. Ben and I bolt awake and start investigating. Well, Ben went outside to find the problem. All he could see was a bunch of smoke, but not a person in sight. So he came back in and then 5 minutes later, the real party starts- I'm not kidding, a good 2 minutes solid of setting off fireworks: firecrackers, whistling petes and bottle rockets- the BIG kind. While this is going off, Ben's on the phone with the police. So we decide to wait in the living room for the cops since Ben was going to have to sign a citation. So we're in the living room and we start noticing that there is a person outside by our car. Well, we watch him, he messes around for a second, walks off, and then a huge firework goes off, right by our car. I am so upset at this point that I just about went out there in my robe and chewed the whole drunk lot of stupid young adults out! But I decide it's better to wait for the cops. So it took them about an hour to get here, and these idiots are setting off fireworks the entire time, right on the street in front of our house. Well, finally, we see a cop car pull up and we're kind of worried, because the dispatcher told us that the cop won't disturb the neighbors unless he sees them setting off the fireworks. Well, we're like, who's dumb enough to do that! So we were figuring, he'd just drive around for a few minutes, and then leave. Well, bless the stupidity of others! He pulls up and not 30 seconds later, the group sets off a huge blast of fireworks...... ah, sweet victory. After that, the explosions ceased and we waited for a half hour for the cop to come get Ben's signature, but he never came, so we went to bed. And now I wish I was dead because my head is killing me and I can't take drugs!!!!

Oh, and the other great part of the story: since these toolsheds decided to set the fireworks off in the street right in front of our house, I keep getting weird looks from all the people walking/biking by because I'm sure they are our surrounding neighbors and now they think that we did it! Isn't it GREAT!?!?! I think I'll gather up all the remains and dump them on the neighbors lawn.

The one miracle remains that our precious Brook still managed to sleep through all of it. Lucky for the neighbors.


Lilac A. Rugg said...

Rude!!! I'm sorry you had to live through that... what dummies!

Sare said...

Oh. My. SAKE!!! What a bunk of blankety blank blankers!!!! stupid stupids that are dumb!! ARG!!! I can't believe she slept through it!!! insane!! lucky for them!! oh and I would TOTALLY go dump them pn their lawn. rude.