Monday, August 24, 2009

Smith Family Reunion 2009 - Wolf Creek, UT

This past weekend was my family reunion- immediate family only- which is getting to be rather large! 24 of us stayed in two condos in Wolf Creek, UT. We had so much fun swimming, playing games, and hanging out! It was just a short weekend, but a much needed vacation and so fun to have EVERYONE together for awhile! These are SOME of my favorite pictures from the trip- there were too many to post all the good ones!
John & Stacy sunbathing
Becky, Jen, & Rach chillin by the lake, or in it I should say!
Berkli & Cami making "pies"- I chose not to sample
Grammy & Brook lounging in the sand
The three in-lawed boys after a long swim!
All the girls except the three babies & Grammy dove in together!
Playing cards with the fam- Whit won this round of Uno if you can't tell
A friendly RELAXED game of raquetball
Nice posture Becky!
After getting hit on the head, I found myself in a precarious position- so did Stacy!
The grandkids opted for Badminton
The reunion "sickies" - Heather is expecting her first in April and Papa was stung by a bee! His hand swelled up until it looked like a blown up latex glove! Poor Papa!
Eating dinner together is so much fun!
All the grandkids in the matching reunion shirts designed by Stan & John and screen printed by Papa, John, Rach, & Dena! (okay so I only helped a little!)
The Smith Women- a good lookin' bunch if ever I saw it!
Awww, Stan & Whit- how cute! (this is the only pic I got of you Stan... what's up with that?!)
Look at our four little monkeys! They're getting so big!
All the kids wanted in on this action!
Brook & Paul "racing"... she makes you crouch down like that and as soon as your hands touch the pavement, she's off like a shot running for her life! Dirty little cheater!

So glad you could all be there family! We love you! A special thanks to Papa & Grammy for making it happen, as always! You two are the best! Thank you!!!!


rachael said...

Thanks for posting pics! Glad someone is a responsible camera person :)

Jo said...

Looks like so much fun!! Poor Heather, I sympathize!

John and Dana Lyn said...

I've stayed in those condos at Wolf Creek when John invited me to his family reunion when we were dating! It was so much fun! I don't remember a lake though, wish we could have enjoyed it. I didn't know Heather was pregnant!?!? Tell her I said Congrats! Cute family!

Sarah Woolley said...

It was fun seeing pictures of your family...I haven't seen some of them in years! Looks like you are all doing well. Where is everyone? And how are all of you doing? When is your baby due? That's great Heather is having a baby! Congrats to her!!!

Tao YiLiang said...

I'll add my thanks for the pictures!