Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wow! What a wonderful Easter! I loved getting to watch General Conference. We watched the morning session at home, then went to the Whitney's for their little baby boy's blessing (what a DOLL- so cute!). Then out to Star to watch second session and have an easter egg hunt with my family. Then over to Ben's parents for Easter dinner and easter baskets. Lots of driving, but worth it to get to be with so many loved ones on such a special day.
I hope to have more pictures added soon, but for now, here's one I stole from my sister in law's blog. My sisters and I all made matching dresses for our girls using men's old button up shirts (tutorials are found all over the web). We all got together at Jen's to make them- it was so fun!

L2R: Ellie (Mine), Brook (Mine), Sienna (Jen), Paisli (Rach), Laila (Whit), Jetta (Jen), Berkli- not wearing hers (Rach), Cami (Jen)

Well, apparently there is a naughty snake trying to get Brook and her new bubbles and her easter basket, so I have to go save them all- wish me luck :)


Jo said...

So fun to get to do that together! Next time I see you we have to make one for our girls too! Or you can just help me make one for mine!

Jo said...

Just read your comment about my pictures and Ellie...that's crazy!! So you're saying I have a chunky baby....! jk, I already knew that! That's so funny that they are so similar!

Brittany said...

Hey, Dena. Wow, how crazy! We're doing great. How are you guys?