Friday, April 2, 2010

March Madness- A Month In Review

So... I am pretty pleased with my accomplishments. I didn't do everything for the whole month. I didn't even touch the pantry. My suitcase remains half painted awaiting a coat of mod podge and fabric. And Gramma's sweatshirt is not even close to being completed. Luckily her b-day isn't for a few more weeks! Anyhow, I've discovered that planning projects and holding myself accountable for completing them actually motivated me to do my regular chores more often that I had been. Isn't that weird? I finally had an excuse not to do them because I was busy being "productive" and not laying around, but I actually did them more.

My month of April is going to be pretty crazy, so I am not planning a project for every day. Not even every week. I have a list on my sidebar of things I want to get done and I will do them! In no particular order. And I'll post about em too!

Thanks for joining me in my journey to become!


rachael said...

You did great! I'm amazed, and it makes me tired thinking about it.

Jo said...

Whoo! I love that you're continuing! Good luck this month, and I'll check on you!