Sunday, April 18, 2010

Master Bath Remodel

Well, I'm splitting this post into three. I'll show you some before pictures here, so you can get used to what it looked like :). Then I'll post some action shots, and then the final product (which will give me time to clean it and take pics... ). This project was WAY more intense than I thought it would be meaning it took about 3 times longer. It wasn't really difficult per se, just involved a lot more material and time than we had estimated! Worth it! I will say that!

Now that we have evidence, please don't try to tell me this bathroom wasn't absolutely disgusting! I wish I would have gotten close ups of the floor and the inside of the shower...
Stay tuned for the action shots tomorrow :)

1 comment:

Jo said...

You're killing me here!!! I need to see it now!!! I can't wait, I'm sure it turned out amazing!!