Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Becky Came To Visit!!

For Becky's graduation gift, she got to come stay 10 days with us in Denver!!! She rode back from Boise all the way in the back seat (what a trooper!!)!!

Our first day in Denver, we decided to hit the 16th Street Mall and see some sights. We went to the Federal Reserve Bank Museum and saw some pretty cool stuff. We made our own currency too... We're the new faces FOR SURE!
Saturday we went to Goodwill for our favorite 1/2 price sale-
Oh yeah, we found some keepers....
Monday night was FHE and a lively game of Charades
Becky: Dolphin Brook & Ellie: Horses
Dena: Crab Ben: Donkey
We found this AMAZING dress at Goodwill- with a few tweaks here and there, it turned out INCREDIBLE!!! Becks sewed it all by herself :) So proud!

We tried to swim the whole week but it was rainy and cold almost every day!!! :(
The one day we thought we'd get some quality swim time in, after 20 minutes there, it started to pour!

Jenna was kind enough to let Becky help teach the girls swim lessons

Becks and I went to St Nick's because Christmas is Becky's all time favorite holiday- they have such fun stuff there!!! It totally made me so sad it's only August!

The last night we had a family movie night :)

 We had a small problem with gas leaks while Becky was here... that was fun...
Faulty water heater, wouldn't ya know.
 We started alterations on this dress, but didn't quite get it finished.
When you finish it Becks- I wanna see!!!
 We had so much fun and are so glad you came to see us Becky!!!

We love and miss you!!!!

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