Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Womancation 2012

A couple of Ben's best buddies came over from Boise to visit (officially known as Mancation 2012), so Jenna and I felt the need to have a little Womancation ourselves! Sam got to spend part of the time with the guys, but he was awesome enough to let me and Jenna go to the movies and go shopping Friday night :)
Bagged chairs at dollar theaters are super creepy.
But we're not... not at all....
After the movie, we met up with Sam and the girls at Applebees for dinner
Ellie got really into Womancation. She knows how to party like a girl
I had a couple new roommates for a few nights... they kick in their sleep.
Sunday we had Jenna over again and she brought some of her delicious bread. Brook mastered her cutting skills. Took her three attempts to finish eating her slice :)
Making some AMAZING lasagna :)
Monday night the guys had to head back. Ben was so sad to see them go. We hope you guys will come again!!!!
And then we all crashed.
3 am video gaming can do this to you.

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