Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cousin Fun For Everyone!!

This cute little chubba came to visit me!!!
We were so excited when the Talbots called and said they were comin for Labor Day!!! We made plans to eat good food and relax! The weekend turned out really fun!!!

Friday night we went to Outback Steakhouse
Ben got ribs.... so delicious.
Saturday morning after our run, Gabe was just LOVING Uncle Ben.
Later that morning we hit the pool!! It was a beautiful day for it!
Then Heather made us some AMAZING chile rellanos with authentic New Mexico chiles... Yum!!
After dinner, we decided to play a little Kinect to burn off the calories :)
We totally killed it on Kinect Team Sports! Yeah red team!!!
Sunday after church, we all came home and played some games
We had Salmon Kebabs for dinner... wow, they were delicious!
But Gabe didn't really think so :)
We pretended to nap :)
Jo & Cameron came over for dessert and to catch up with Heather from the good ole BC days. We played some Celestial Companions (LDS Newlyweds game)
Apparently... Ben and I struggled.... :) Never mind we're the second longest married couple!
Monday morning meant goodbye to my sweet nephews and of course Heather and Paul too!
We had to hit up Goodwill for the 50% off Labor day sale before they left :) 
We got some great scores!
And we spent the rest of the day like this:
Thanks so much for coming guys!!! We had a blast!!!
I miss you Heath!!!

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