Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

It just really brings the Spirit of Christmas into my home. I love it. I have started collecting Nativity sets because they really speak to me. I love how beautiful and unique they all are. It's so neat to see the artist's interpretation of the Holy family. 

This is my newest acquisition- Merry Christmas to me from my mother in law!
Thanks Mom! I love it!
 My very first Nativity- given to me by my big sis Jen
 Just a sweet little one I got a steal of a deal on

This is all I have so far- I hope over the years to add to it a little bit at a time.
Hope you get to decorate for Christmas soon too!

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Jo said...

My aunt collects Nativities....she has over 100!! It's crazy, but she loves it and it's always fun to go to her house and see what new ones she has collected!