Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random IPhone Pics

Pink fountain in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness....
Brook was ECSTATIC:
It did this:

So we did this:
And Ben bought this:
 Just kidding. But he should have. It was amazing.
I'm just sayin.

 Ben's other Halloween costume-
Regis has a tradition of themed dressing up
I know, they're all identical- you can't tell them apart 
Ben is in the back left side-
the only one in purple suspenders....
 A trip to Chuck E Cheese:
 My ever-good-looking hubby with some classmates
Won't he be such a dish when he's done!

Also, a shout out to my lil sis Heather! Congrats on your new baby! Can't wait to meet him!

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Jen Waite said...

Okay I love Ellie's face in that bus picture! Hilarious! I just seem to miss you all more & more each day. So does Sienna - Friday morning we were talking about who we wanted to have over during the break & Sienna said "Brook & Ellie!", I said "Sorry - no they can't." "YES - they can!" she insisted. Counting the days...