Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Baking Day- FAIL!

So Brook and I made this pumpkin bread for our baking day today. We were supposed to make pumpkin pie, but I didn't have any evaporated milk because I used it all up for nachos.... anyway. So we mixed it up, put it in the pans, baked it for an hour, took it out- it was BEAUTIFUL! And it smelled AMAZING. We were so excited to eat it. So ten minutes later, I cut into it, expecting beauty and deliciousness.... totally not cooked. Completely wet inside. How I could insert a toothpick OVER 5 TIMES and have it come out clean I know not. So I shoved it rather angrily back into the oven... but it was no use. Never cooked. Went totally flat. Was horrible. Brook still ate some of it and loved it, but I threw most of it out and I am angry about it. I hate baking fails.

So what I'm still trying to figure out is why it didn't bake properly- is it the altitude or a crappy oven?
Yesterday we made leaf placemats- they kinda failed too. The leaves are turning all brown, even though I covered the placemats in contact paper.... sad.

Try again next week? We'll see....

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Unknown said...

I hate baking fails too! That's why I don't bake much... you are a great mom for doing that. I haven't done anything with Sienna this year yet... totally lame mom.