Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At The Park

We played at the park for a few minutes before heading over to watch Dad's softball game. His team needs to play a little.... better.... yeah, they get murdered. So we like to distract ourselves with Goodwill and parks before we inevitably go watch the game. I also like to postpone it because Ellie fell on/off the bleachers TWICE! And screamed bloody murder both times. No injuries to show for it though, for which I am grateful! Last thing we need is a trip to the ER!

Listen for Ellie's "Cookie Monster Laugh" near the end :)
Dad found Brook trying to get in on a pickup game of basketball- it was pretty awesome

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Jen Waite said...

That laugh is hysterical - what a crazy kid she is! It's funny because it's the crazy hilarious ones that drive you the most nuts! It's that extreme personality thing I think.