Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Went to watch Ben's game tonight- final score 26 to 13.... Not in Ben's favor. But it was better than last weeks 28 to 1. So glad I wasn't there for that! And tonight, dad even hit a home run!!

The girls MOSTLY had fun but they were really missing our usual softball buddies, the Waites and the Whitneys.


Sare said...

Does it ever weird you out that your kids don't look anything like you? I in the world do you know they are YOUR KIDS?!?!! Gosh I can't get over how much they both look like you!!!

Jen Waite said...

I know - its weird for you guys not to be here. Matt had to put together a Star team... we'll see how it goes. They bumped them down a level so hopefully they can win some this time!