Thursday, March 29, 2012

Desperately Wanting To Give Up.

I really dislike potty training.

So far the accidents today consist of her bed, then our bed, then my pillow, then 3 successes- I thought we had turned a corner and it was all downhill from there!!! Then she peed on the couch, which thankfully is leather, but unfortunately the pillow on it wasn't. That's two trashed pillows today. What next Ellie??? At least pee on something I want to get rid of!!

How about the dining table?


Jen Waite said...

Dude - I hear you! Unfortunately you can't even throw out the dining table because it's totally washable... I think. Sorry man.

Hailey said...

It is by far the most stressful stage as a parent.....thus far for all I know!!!! Hang in there and good luck!!!!!!