Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference Weekend

Wow, another amazing conference come and gone. I'm always sad when it is over. I enjoyed the speakers so much, especially Elder Holland's talk! He delivers his talk with such conviction and always a timely message. I got so much out of conference I don't know where to start improving :)! I can't wait for the Ensign to come out so I can start re-reading them! I don't really like reading them online- hurts my eyes :). Anyway, the girls did so great about listening part of the time and Brook learned several of the apostles names from Primary, I am so proud of her!!! Hope your conference weekend was as nice as ours!!

On Saturday morning, during the congregational hymn (intermission basically), they showed a picture of the temple and Brook started clapping and cheering "It's Over!!! It's Over!!!" It was sad how overjoyed she was :) In her defense, we were going for a walk after the first session and it was gorgeous outside, so she was anxious!
Driving over to Sam & Jenna's Sunday morning for Waffles & Conference :)
Between sessions walk
Afternoon session: the napping begins!
I couldn't resist :)
For next conference, these will be made!!!! Aren't they fun!?!?! 
1x4s, pvc, and a little fabric!

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