Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few Easter Shots

The Easter baskets- we did them Saturday morning

 Easter pancakes made by Dad :)
 We met up with some friends from the ward for an Easter egg hunt- it was a lot of fun! And the doughnuts were amazing :)

 This girl was POUNDING the candy!
Easter Sunday outfits

 We dyed eggs with our good friends, the Bennetts Thursday before Easter. Kacie has all those pics :)
 Fruit baskets (check out my wheat grass!!!)
 Brook made deviled egg chicks :)
 My guilty pleasure: Salted Caramel Cheesecake. It was fairly salty the second day and got better and better as it aged. I would recommend cutting the salt out of the crust and caramel and doing a third or half of the salt in the cheesecake- BE SURE it's kosher or sea salt!!!
If you like caramel and a little bit of salt- you MUST try this! It was delicious!

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Jo said...

I can attest to the cheesecake! It was amazing! Thanks for the slice Deen! The other stuff looks so cute too!