Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Are A Happy Family

UPDATE: Sorry to those who have viewed this before I organized it! :)
Fun things we've been up to:
King Benjamin came for a visit before conference
Got together with some gal pals during Priesthood session and made wheat grass planters. It was super fun! The wheat grass grows SO fast! 
Day One:
Day Three:
Day Five:
Day Nine:
Plant it, water it, watch it, love it!

Went to a Rockies baseball game with the Bennetts
Got rained out of the game. Went to Starbucks and got hot chocolate. 
My shoes are soaking wet here- there was literally 1/4 inch of water inside my shoe!
Finished the girls' outfits for Harry and Sarah's wedding :)
Finished my skirt for the wedding also :)
Went to Krispy Kremes... because we love donuts. Thanks Papa Smith!
Found a beautiful moth at the gas station.

Reminded me of Gran's garage on the land in Redmond- there were always hundreds of the prettiest moths on the ground all around his shop.
Been enjoying the park by our house A LOT
Oh, and the sunshine also :)
Got a free table and chairs from Sam's garbage... love people who throw perfectly good stuff out in a convenient enough location to reclaim it! Also went yard saling and grocery shopping all in one trip. I felt a little bit like a hoarder....
Having lots of fun here in Colorado this spring! Looking forward to seeing our family in just over a week!


Jo said...

Ellie's dress is ADORABLE, I love it so much!!!! I want to make one for me how?! And your skirt looks awesome, can't wait to see it on! And I can't wait to get at that table and chairs! Sweet! (Oh and nice King Benjamin?!)

Nancy said...

Ellie's outfit is so awesome! Your skirt is cute too. I wish I could sew clothes. Good work!