Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Airplane

Brook & Ellie's first airplane ride! Well... that they can remember :)
Brook got to sit by Uncle Sam & Aunt Jenna- she loved it!
Ellie was really not sure about this whole airplane thing. While we taxied, she thought it was really cool. Then we started to take off and she got really somber and stared down at her lap. I asked if she was okay and she looked up at me suddenly and said, "Mommy!! I want to get out!" and started trying to take off her seat belt. I put my arm over her and she grabbed it and just kept saying "Hold me mommy! Hold me mommy!" But she never screamed or cried. I closed the window and after about 10 minutes, she relaxed.
Then she did some coloring.
Then she passed out.

Really Hard.

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