Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We had a good trip. It was really nice to see everyone and have a little bit of time to visit with all of them :). The time is always a little short to get as much as we'd all like to fit in, but we enjoyed the trip!! Harry and Sarah's wedding was so wonderful!!! They are such a good looking couple :). We loved getting to be there with them on such a special day!!! Love and miss you Boise family and friends!!

We cut up fruit for the wedding luncheon- Jenna found a mutant strawberry
We helped make the centerpieces for the tables-
LOVE the ranunculus!!!

Drive to Twin Falls- I think the girls were a little tired since we went to bed at 2 am the night before and got up at 7:30am....
Mid-wedding day attire

Emma fell asleep on Jenna on the way home from Twin Falls from the wedding on our way to the luncheon. It looks HORRIBLY uncomfortable, but she said it was surprisingly comfortable... who knew?

Brook & Ellie showcased their skills of an artist at the luncheon

We said goodbye to our good friends, the Andersons :(
We went out to visit the Smiths- Hey Broxon, you are getting big!!

Ellie loves Aunt Jen- she still calls her mom!!

It looked like a car lot in the driveway... as usual

Ellie & her papa

Uncle Michael stole Ellie's shirt... she did not feel good about it.

A little car trouble on the way to visit Taylor & Tara... sorry Papa & Grammy, we are ALWAYS breaking down in your cars!!!
One last game of Idiot before we head back for Colorado... sniff sniff! CLEAR!
We left for home at 5 am.... we were all pretty worn out!
Ellie slept from 6am until 2 pm, then went to bed at 8
Brook slept from 630 am to 10am, then went to bed at 730
Ben went and took finals. He is a champion.
I took a short nap and laid around.... laundry can wait :)

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