Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We had a very relaxing, fun Memorial Day. We truly missed the Smith Annual Memorial Day Bike Ride at Ann Morrison Park, so we made due with what we had.

And what we had was an invitation to a breakfast potluck with several good friends from our ward at a local park. We stuffed ourselves full of ham egg cups, creme brulee french toast, chocolate glazed donuts, fresh fruit, orange juice, muffins, cinnamon coffee cake, and chocolate muffins! It was wonderful!
It ALMOST felt like being at home because the adults were vast outnumbered by the kids and it was a crowd!

Not sure how the chocolate from the donut got clear up by her eye....
After the party, we went straight to the Platte River trail and rode bikes
(the spot on my leg is a HUGE wasp!)

Saw about a million of these little green lizards! Freaked Ellie out of her mind :) Ben and I kept trying to catch one, as we both used to catch them all the time as kids. 
Either they got faster, or we got slower.... 
Pretty sure these guys had super lizard speed.

We also had a rare spotting of the wild "Spider Brookie"
THAT was a treat...
Happy Memorial Day!
We are truly grateful to our own ancestors who served our country proudly as well as the many others and the current family members that have served and are currently serving! You make a difference!
Thank you for our freedom!

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Becky said...

haha oh man I have got to watch out for those "Spider Brookie's" they look ferocious!