Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recovery Week

FYI: This should have posted on 5/6/12- so now it is out of order
Wow, we really wore ourselves out last weekend!!! We've been trying to recover all week!! Except dad- he's been trying to pass finals all week... And he did it!! Hooray! We are so proud of him! Now to enjoy a little down time... trying to fit all the errands, fun activities and various responsibilities we can into one week!!! First up: rearrange the house and sell a bunch of stuff on Craigslist.

Goodnight Girls!
Got a shrinky dink maker at a garage sale- SO MUCH FUN!
Enjoying Spring's beauty
Ellie loves gum...
Fun at Belleview Park with friends
Recovery Sleep
Entranced by the Wizard of Oz
Largest Sweet Potato Fry in the WORLD!
Dad hard at work studying for finals
Brook is such a helper! Getting snacks for her and Ellie
And even more recovery sleep
A lonely guest bedroom....
new skirt out of ugly old lady shorts
Garage sale find :)

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