Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. We got things started early on Thursday night by supporting our local Regis PT Class of 2014 at Coldstone Creamery by getting ice cream from their fundraiser. I had the sweet cream with a Heath bar... so heavenly!

Then when Ben got home on Friday, we headed out to dinner and Chuck E Cheese for Ellie's half birthday- gotta love those free tokens!! 
Dinner at Golden Corral- Brook loves her some Apple Pie!

Saturday morning, I went to the church to help tie quilts for an eagle scout's project. It's called Project Linus for the hospitals. It was pretty fun- my thumb and index finger were feelin it!! 
This is the quilt I donated:

 Ben fixed the car while I was gone- he's so handy!! Love that man! He dropped me off and was back to get me after changing out all the spark plugs and coils before the quilts were done! 

Home we went to clean up and finish writing our talks for church.
I LOVE these kiddos fresh outta the tub!

Then picked up the babysitter and went to the Denver Rapids soccer game with Sam and Jenna. It was so fun!! We tied. Pretty good game- very entertaining. 

Sunday morning we got up early so we'd be on time for church- gave our talks (Hooray!! Off the hook for a few more years!) and lazed the day away at Sam and Jenna's. It was a very good weekend.
Brook: "It's cinnamon toast, but it's crunchy.  That's why they call it Cinnamon Toast Crunch." She loves to teach her little sis the ropes :)
(Notice the "lazing" in the background?)

Ben gave his talk on President Uchtdorf's talk about mercy and I gave mine on President Eyring's talk about trials. We both grew a lot from the preparation and study and have been greatly blessed by the opportunity. Can't wait to see how our insights will continue to benefit us in the future. The Lord is good!!

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Jenna said...

ba haha love sam's face in the rapids picture. putting it on my blog.