Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Love Semester Break!!

With Ben home 24/7, we have been able to accomplish so much!!

We have:
sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist 
(goodbye Garmin Etrex, weight set, & queen mattress!),
detailed the car,
been to a cinco de mayo party where we made AMAZING homemade churros,
gone to see WICKED!!!
eaten out at Rock Bottom Brewery at the 16th Street Mall,
(drank out of Nathan's water cup without asking....awkward)

gone to the temple,
hit a bucket of balls,
read some books,
reorganized the entire house,
-I have a craft room!!! :):):)-

and invented a new sandwich.
I give you the Ritz cracker, WW tortilla, WW bread sandwich. In that order.
She's gonna be famous. Or obese. Can't decide which yet :)

We'll keep you posted on our next adventure that starts tomorrow: 
Estes Park, Colorado

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