Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Break's Over- Back On Our Heads

For our last hurrah, Ben and I got to go mountain biking yesterday.
(Last time on my Trek- we sold it the next day... I'm ready for an upgrade!)
Who knew there were wild Cacti in Colorado???
 Then Brook wanted to take dad out to celebrate one more day of break and she decided cheesecake factory was the place to go! So we took an early dinner/late lunch and headed over to Park Meadows Mall. We had a wonderful time. 
This place is DELICIOUS!
Brook found a giant moose ;)
Ellie was worn out by the end of our break- she totally crashed!
We sure will miss having dad around all the time, but we are so proud of all his hard work and dedication to school! Good luck this semester dad!!! Even though you don't need it :)

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