Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k Denver

Oh my goodness. I was SO excited for this race!
Went to the registration center- picked up our swag.... awesome.
Race day, 7:55 am. We headed to Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield. Traffic was HORRENDOUS! But we eventually made it to the parking field! The girls had some cinnamon sugar toast- they were ready to race!
Here's a couple shots from the race- yes we are too cheap to actually buy these shots. We also got some really fun GoPro footage of the race
Color Race Aftermath:
Driving away, we noticed a giant cloud of chalk in the air... it was awesome.
If you have a chance to do one of these, DO IT! It's not about competition- it's about FUN. And it was so much fun! It's the best race for kids because it's short and there is a lot of walkers- it's also fun to try and jog through the throngs of people! There were literally close to 3,000 people there. Getting blasted with chalk while running through the stations just felt rad. We can't wait to do this again!!

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Tara said...

Nice job Guys! My sister did this race in Vegas and also had a blast. I think it came to Boise in Aug. but we are lame and I was probably at work :( Glad you guys got a chance to do it though :)