Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Traditions

It's been a tradition in the Smith family for several years to go to Gran and Neenaw's house and make caramel apples with Neenaw. We open hundreds of Kraft caramels, melt them in a big pot, and get dipping! This is one tradition we sure love to carry on!
(Jenna, I like how it looks like you have a mustache in this picture)
Ellie had to sample the caramel... she said it was good.
Caramel Apple Power Up! These girls are so funny.
We decided since we were already knee deep in Halloween traditions that we should carve our pumpkins while we had the time.
Hard at work!
Brook designed this kitty all by herself :) 
Aunt Jenna cut- she did a pretty good job keeping it to the sketch. That's why she's an artist. Brook just wanted more scars.

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