Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Estes Park and RMNP

Dad had Monday off school because of the end of his clinical, so we decided to make the most of it! At 5pm, we called my dad who hooked us up with some Worldmark bonus time at Estes Park, we threw some clothes in a bag, some snacks in a cooler, and hit the road! 
No road trip is complete without Cheez-its....
The girls slept all the way up from 6:30-8:30.... so we stayed up and watched "Chicken Little." Hey, it was vacation, right? It merited the 11:30pm bedtime....
Found these matching shirts at separate thrift stores (HEATHER!) and had to get them! My cute little tough cookies :) And the fire wasn't on... that was Brook's pose idea
Wow.... Estes Park is beautiful!
Brook couldn't get over "how cute it is out there!!!"
Long's Peak... Dad will climb this someday!
After we arrived home via the scenic route (never thought I'd enjoy those- I hated car rides as a kid!), we headed to Olive Garden for one last hurrah before Dad is absent for three months (darn homework!). We ordered too much food.... no really, we did!
I love getting to go on spontaneous little trips with my family!

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