Sunday, December 2, 2012

Denver Parade of Lights

Daddy surprised us on Friday night and took us on a family date night to Chuck E Cheese and downtown Denver to see the parade of lights! It was so cool! I've never been to a Christmas or a night parade and we were stoked! We showed up at 7:30 to get some good seats. 
Unfortunately, we were towards the end, so even though the parade started at 8, nobody got to us until 9. Ellie did lion's hair while we waited. Dad also bought the girls a light up Christmas tree wand to help pass the time. It broke within five minutes.
But then it started!!!
Elves introduced each section and the girls LOVED them! Every time one would walk by, one of them would shout, "an elf! An elf!! Wave to it!!!" and they would wave frantically!
A few of our favorite floats
Ben's favorite was the bottom left: Lowriders Alliance :)
Here's Brook seeing Rudolph
The airport had a pretty impressive set up and some LOUD horns. 
Brook loved it, Ellie... not so much!
We saw Santa at the very end and it was very exciting!!!
Then we ran into our good friends, Sarah and Nicole and went for hot chocolate at Starbucks.
We neglected to account train time into this, so we missed all trains until 11:30. We were exhausted! But we had such a fun night! Ellie hung in there as best she could.
Best part of the parade: ET in the bike basket!

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