Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pre-Christmas 2012

On December 18th, we started the long drive to Grammy's house!
We stopped in Park City, Utah on the way to have a little fun-
Dad went skiing with Uncle Harry and we girls shopped and went to the movies!
Hooray! We made it at last!
Baking cookies with Grammy & cousins
Nice work Aunt Becky!
Dad set up his train and felt like a kid again :)
Ellie loved on this cutie
We made gingerbread houses!
We have to convert the garage into a living room for enough space for our big brood. Ellie helped with a little cleaning. How do you like them stockings?!?!
On Christmas Eve, we got to participate in a service project for a needy family in the area- the girls loved getting to wrap gifts for some little boys in need!
Then came the white elephant exchange! Papa Perry actually got a white elephant!
Christmas Eve evening, we got to spend a little time with the Douglass side opening gifts. The girls got new pillows and pillowcases from Grandma, which led to an impromptu pillow fight. The girls wailed on Grandma while the rest of us were laughing to hard to help her!
New Christmas Jammies! Thanks Grandma!
One more sleep 'til Christmas!

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