Sunday, December 9, 2012

PreFinals Vacation

Ben's classmate, Chris, was kind enough again to let us use her town home up at Copper Mountain for a little R&R before school really heated up for Ben with finals.
There was a lot of this going on:
We woke up to this!!!
Our friends' little boy, Callum Foulger, and the girls were all buds
There was just enough snow to play in for a few minutes. Unfortunately, it was like a thousand tiny ice crystals, so no snowballs fights or snowman building could ensue :(
Skiing with Dad is always fun!
Some of the humorous events of the trip:
Vacation: by Ellie Douglass
The drive home was sad, but beautiful!
We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends who are generous and kind! We had a wonderful trip and it was much needed! Thanks Chris!!!

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Jenna said...

i thought i was a boy in that picture.