Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

We decided to get a tree this year because last year felt so gloomy without one. We headed down to what we thought was the cheapest lot in town... Turns out it was run by some sort of mafia family. We spent a little more than we had planned, but our tree was full and pretty... and really short, which was exactly what we needed! 
And we didn't get shot while we were at it. Win win!

On the way home, Ellie got attacked by the candy cane. This did not make her happy.
"Get OFF me candy cane!!!!"
See how tiny? We didn't even have to put it on the roof!
Once home, we discovered our tree stand has gone missing, much to our dismay and frustration, and so Ben built one... He is amazing.
All lit up and ready to decorate!!!
We set the mood....
And got decorating!
The final piece:
which had to be done twice :)
(the top was too tall at first)
Merry Christmas!!!

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