Sunday, August 3, 2008

Best Game of Catch

Icon had a "Diving for Dollars" incentive where the reps dove for coins in the pool. We got to come watch and also have a pool party, complete with BBQ! It was a lot of fun! I didn't know we could swim too, so Brook had swim in her onesie, but she wasn't too embarrased :).

She loves playing with Ben and she is so brave- look at her little face in this picture!

Anyways, while there, she got a sweet game of catch going with our buddy, Chris P. She's a natural! I still want her to prefer my hobbies, but I think this kid is going to rock the athletic world! Especially if Daddy or Aunt Emma have anything to say about it!


rachael { & john} said...

That's awesome! I love the photo of Ben throwing Brook, she is going to be an athlete! BTW- did you hear we want to have a joint B-day party for the 1 year b-days? We were thinking August 28th (it's the half point) I'm so excited you're coming home!

Millie said...

Yikes! is all I can say! :)

Stan S said...

That is an awesome photo!

The-Allen-Family said...

Don't you love daddy's and their little girls. Nothing gets me more! I love it! I just got to see all your fun photo's of everyone and all your partying. It looked like So much fun. And where you live looks BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I want to come and play now. It's my turn!
Love ya