Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rockies Get Worked

So we went to a Rockies game last Monday with Mom, Sam, and Emma. What a cool stadium! It's Coors Field right downtown. You can see the city-scape in the background.
The Colorado Rockies played the Washington Nationals and we were totally favorites to win... and we didn't.
But it was still a good game and Brook, it being her first b-ball game and all, totally loved it! She especially loved the food... who doesn't love nachos and hot dogs?!?!?! No one I know!
Ben bought himself some peanuts, according to the song, and we all enjoyed them. The boys made a royal mess, but Ben said you're supposed to throw the shells on the ground. Janitors gotta feed their families too.
I have to say that I LOVE the nachos the best. Can't get enough of them!
Here's Daddy and Brooky at their first baseball game together. By the end of the night, Brook was all tuckered out and 100% relaxed in Dad's arms.
Mom and Emma also enjoyed the game. We're so glad they came to visit! We had so much fun exploring the city and going to all kinds of fun events!

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