Friday, August 22, 2008

Tagged By Rach

How long have you been together? SO LONG! We go way back to 2000.... yeah, I know, the high school years!!! We've been married three years though.
Who eats more? Um.... we'll say Ben. Though if we do it as a percentage based on weight, I do.
Who said I love you first? Ben did, and I was a very close "ditto." I didn't say ditto though, how lame would that be???
Who sings better? I love to sing, Ben just puts up with it, so I get to claim it!
Who is smarter? We both have a decent set of brains, but Ben was lazier in high school, so I got better grades. I'm a suck up.
Who does the laundry? Me. I actually enjoy it
Who does the dishes? I try to, but Ben is a very good helper! He doesn't mind it and I usually get really tired of them!
Who pays the bills? I do- it's the accountant in me that can't help it!
Who mows the lawn? Ben. He's a lawn artist- for reals. He's had lawn jobs since he was like 10! He's pure genius. Runs in his family. Very green thumbs.
Who cooks dinner? That'd be me. If we have dinner of course... I'm getting better!
Who drives when you are together? Ben- I get road rage..... I know, I'm sorry!
Who is more stubborn? Me for SURE
Whose parents do you see the most? Depends on the week
Who kissed who first? Ben totally forced me into it! Had to grab my chin and everything! I'm what you like to call a kiss-a-phobic... not anymore, but before... yeah.
Who proposed? That's the man's job. So Ben
Who is more sensitive? Me. I'm totally a girl and Ben is as manly as they get
Who has more friends? Ben has more friends that live close, but I think if we're counting around the world, we tie
Who has more siblings? DEFINITELY me- 7 to 4
Who wears the pants in the family? We like to share the pants.
I Tag: Whitney, Hailey, Sarah, Rose, Jolene


The-Allen-Family said...

I love your personality in your responses! SO CUTE! I'm glad to hear that you are back safe and yeah for home searching. Good luck and we'll pray you find what your looking for! Love you

Sare said...

HEHEHEHE...that's AWESOME!!! I'll try t do mine sometime today...We shall see..MISS YOU GUYS SOSOSOSO MUCH!!!!